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Breakthroughs unique approach:

The Problem: There are many self-help or personal growth seminars out there. Many of them are extremely successful at identifying people’s limiting self beliefs and encourage massive motivation and growth. The drawback is that almost all of these seminars are generally run over a few days and within 3 weeks to 2 months participants lose the excitement and drive they gained, leading them to fall back into their old habits and negative way of thinking.

 The Solution: Through Breakthroughs 40-day timeline and weekly meetings our technology will offer them the same tools that they will achieve, yet will allow them the time to properly integrate them into their lives in a meaningful and more permanent way.

What is Breakthrough?

“Breakthrough – The 40 day challenge” is based on the writings of the Noam Elimelech, one of the great chasidic masters, where he writes in “Tzetil Katan“ that it takes 40 days to break a character trait (middah)

In modern psychology there is an understanding that we have patters of actions and thoughts that will live by on a daily basis. There are things that we do on “auto-pilot” which are part of our daily routine, both physical and emotional. These patterns govern our decision making process and are not conscious, but rather ingrained ways of being. In order for our thought patterns and actions to change it takes 40 days to re-wire our neurological movements and create sustainable ongoing new patterns in our life.

Why 40 days?

There significance of 40 in Jewish tradition. Moshe was on Mount Sinai for 40 days and nights before he received the Torah and gave it to his people. The flood was 40 days. The spies searched out the land of Israel for 40 days, and the Jewish people wandered the desert for 40 years. It takes 40 days for a fetus to be formed. There is a measurement of 40 Seah (measurement) of water required in a mikvah (spiritual bath).  Theses are only a few, there are many other examples in our tradition.

How does it work?

Later in his writing, The Noam Elimelech mentions 4 stages to creating and sustaining this change. “Breakthrough” is based on these steps.

  1. Stop doing the negative act or thoughts
  2. Replace the negative with the opposite positive trait.
  3. Identify what the source of the negative thinking or action came from. Identify the source in the past or within himself that causes me to act or think this way.
  4. Attach yourself to a tzadik who can guide and support you on your path to a healthy, empowering way of life.

In order for these 4 steps to succeed in effecting all areas of a person’s life in a way that they will be able to continue this work after the 40 day challenge is over, we will focus on all three levels of the persons neshama – Nefesh, Ruach, and Neshama.

Nefesh – the physical body. There will be an emphasis on proper eating and exercise. Each person will have a personal plan to improve his overall health.

 Ruach – Emotions. We will be giving the participants tools for positive living and proper perspective. There will be a strong emphasis on giving gratitude to Hashem and focusing on the positive in ones life.

Neshama – Spirituality. There will be a heavy focus and overtone throughout the 40 days on building our Emunah in Hashem.

Breakthrough is broken up into 3 stages.

Stage 1.  The personal assessment. Each person will meet privately before the beginning of the 40 days to work on what his personalized plan and emotional map for the duration of the program should be.

Stage 2.  Group meetings. There will be six weekly meetings where we will develop and reinforce the 4 steps.

Stage 3. Accountability partner. Each participant will be given a partner from their group that they will have to be in touch with each day. The objective here is to give them a sense of accountability and reminder to follow through on their 40 day responsibility.

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