I am Chaim. Chaim in Hebrew means life.

When writing about oneself to promote what makes them the
best candidate for the project, deal, job, business venture or investment – we usually start with our experiences relating to whatever our focus area is.

It is true that our success in any given field is a testament to what we can achieve, but ultimately it is those life experiences that have molded us into the people we are that really show the depth of our character, and really show the picture of who we are and what we can achieve,
ultimately adding value to YOU, the potential client.

Using the training I have in CBT, crisis counselling and years of experience as the head coach for The Possible You seminar I have clocked thousands of hours of personal growth work with hundreds of clients and including CEO’s, philanthropists, businessmen, students, home-makers and more. With all the stories I have heard and worked with, I can promise you there is nothing you could say that would surprise me. But that is not the reason you are going to hire me or attend the transformational workshop Breakthrough.


My real resume:

I come from a family with high emotional intelligence. From a young age there was always an emphasis on being self-aware. We always
understood that being balanced and positive were the basis of productivity. It is no wonder that both my sister and myself have become successful in the field of helping people empower themselves through understanding their inner strengths.

Throughout my childhood and teen years, I lived in five countries on four continents. My having experienced much of the world, has given me a real insight and understanding into basic human nature and the
beauty of cultural diversity. Because of the instability that came from moving so much it also forced me to truly look inward into myself and understand what was of real value and importance.

My grandfather, O.B.M. was a successful businessman and his creativity and drive always moved me. When I was 20 the entrepreneur in me was finally put to work. I opened a cleaning service while gaining my secondary education, and over the years have run a restaurant, created a successful outreach organization, opened a chain of eyeglasses stores with an online presence and then focusing on my passion to help others created Breakthrough – The 40-day challenge. The 3 most important things I have gained from my experiences is 1. I learned more from my failures than my successes and 2. You have to love what you do and 3. Never give up!




Mission & Vision

The Breakthrough Workshops and personal training sessions are geared towards giving you the tools to be organized with your actions, thoughts and feelings using a simple program. Learn the foundations of creating commitment and consistency while living  meaningfully and mindfully.