The proof is in your reflection

The Infinity Complex—and You

If I asked you to walk from one end of a room to the other in halves, you’d never reach the other end. For example, if the room was 3 meters wide, and you jumped across the room halfway, you’d then be in the middle, at 1.5 meters. If you jumped half of that, you’d be 2.25 meters across the room. Walking half of that, you’d be at 2.625 meters. If you continued jumping in halves until the opposite wall, you’d never reach it—even if you were walking for a million years! That’s because there’s infinite space in a finite area.

We all have limiting thoughts about ourselves. Beliefs ingrained from our childhood experiences and reaffirmed throughout our life. I’m a loser, we may tell ourselves. I’m incapable, worthless, weak, not good enough. There’s no way I can accomplish that. These are the type of affirmations many of us repeat to ourselves on a regular basis. Life goes on this way until we find ourselves stuck in a rut—emotionally, physically, and spiritually. It’s impossible to pull ourselves out.

Realize Your True Potential: The Mirror Test

If all matter in the universe has infinite space, with limitless possibilities, then you, body and soul, have infinite potential.

Don’t believe me? Take a mirror and stare right at it. Now take another mirror and hold it directly behind you. What do you see? The light from the mirrors reflecting off each other, causing you to see as many of you as the eye can see. It’s your connection to the infinite within you. Your possibilities are endless!

When two mirrors are reflected opposite each other and we’re between them, we’re presented with infinite reflections of ourselves.

Let’s imagine that the mirror in front of us represents our future and the mirror behind us represents the past. We want to see that infinite potential in ourselves clearly, as well as have our path forward clearly defined.

The Rearview Mirror

We are defined by our past experiences. Our social conditioning and genetics have molded us into who we are today. So many of our beliefs about who we are and what our potential is are based on the family we grew up in, our community, and even the nationality we belong to.

The reality is that everything you’ve gone through in your life, both positive and negative, is part of your history and should be used to help you create your future. This is only true if it’ll help you grow. Ultimately, though, you must realize that your story is, well, just that—a story. It’s not the real you. Without the beliefs based on your story, you’re free and liberated to let your true essence shine through. To connect to your limitless potential.

What happens if the mirror behind us is twisted, even slightly to the side? The vision of our infinite reflection is skewed. That’s what happens when we let those limiting beliefs twist our perception of life.

The Mirror in Front of Us             

Looking at ourselves in the future can be scary. We have fears that hold us back. Fear of rejection or failure, of the unknown, or even of pain and suffering. Sometimes we’re afraid of losing control. Those fears are often based on our past.

Again, when we address and deal with our fears head-on, we can see clearly into the future and move forward. When we look away and hide ourselves from those fears or skew the direction of the vision itself, because it’s too frightening to look at, then we can’t achieve our true potential.

One of the primary goals of Breakthrough: The 40-Day Challenge is to help you identify your limiting beliefs and fears. What’s holding you back from a clear vision into your amazing, infinite potential?

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  1. Wow! Reading this blurb, already, makes me feel liberated!
    I can feel the possibilities.
    I live in western Canada. How can I access your workshops or one-on-one counselling?

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